Appreciative Strategies, LLC is a for-profit consulting, training, and human performance improvement solutions company. The business is established on the philosophy of human performance improvement through positive interventions. This is in sharp contrast to conventional methods which typically address problems and seek changes that eliminate or solve problematic areas.

Appreciative Strategies, LLC seeks to find the positive forces within people, teams, and entire organizations. Focusing on the positive and life-giving forces that make the people, teams, and organizations what they are today. In its most simplistic terms instead of addressing problems that bring organizations down, this approach highlights and brings to life the dynamics that make it great.

An example of this philosophy can be represented by imagining an organization that is experiencing high employee absenteeism and turnover. Instead of asking ourselves, “why are the employees being absent or leaving?” We would ask “why are some individuals showing up for work and staying?” Focusing on the positive life-giving forces can propel the organization to new levels of energy and growth that have been missing by an unmotivated and burnt-out workforce.

This represents the core value of the Appreciative Strategies, LLC approach. This is not an original concept or approach but has developed a large following in recent years and is helping to change the face of workplace professionals at an international level. The organization development (consulting, training, etc.) marketplace finds this strategy as a niche approach and is quickly emerging as an intervention method of choice.

The name.

The words appreciative strategies were filed as a fictitious name in 2004 and subsequently was organized as a limited liability company in 2006. In 2012, the words Appreciative Strategies became a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The name represents a positive focus on strategies for human performance improvement and organization development. 

President of Appreciative Strategies, LLC.

Dennis E. Gilbert is the President and CEO of Appreciative Strategies, LLC.